Botetourt County has 80,000 acres of National Forest land that’s open to the public for hunting. The county is well known for all three of Virginia’s “Big Game” — whitetail deer, black bear, and eastern wild turkey—and all thrive in the three Jefferson/George Washington National Forest Districts that manage the national forest in the county. The public land is also home to popular small game species such as squirrel, rabbit, grouse, and raccoons.

The largest concentrations of National Forest lie along the Blue Ridge Mountains on the eastern part of the county from the Troutville area northeast into the Arcadia area near Buchanan; in the county’s western area in the Allegheny Mountains on both sides of Craig Creek Valley from the Roanoke and Craig County lines north toward Eagle Rock, and in the northern part of the county in the Allegheny Mountains bordering Alleghany and Rockbridge Counties.

All that’s required is a hunting license and a National Forest stamp, both available through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website, as is information on hunting seasons and license requirements.

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