Take a Three-Town Tour of Botetourt County

Botetourt County combines three incorporated towns (Buchanan, Fincastle, and Troutville) that offer a unique, classic small-town experience. While each town is only a short drive apart from the others, many visitors enjoy spending a full day exploring each one.

Town of Buchanan

Nestled between the steep slopes of the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains rests the town of Buchanan. A charming place to live, shop and stroll, the town has been an important stopping point for travelers since the 1700s.

Incorporated in 1811, Buchanan features a historic movie theatre, town park, and more than 200 structures dating from the early 1800s through the 1950s, making up Botetourt County’s largest Historic District. The Town of Buchanan is in the Virginia Civil War Trails Program.

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Town of Fincastle

Incorporated in 1772 and on the National Register of Historic Places, Fincastle serves as the county seat for Botetourt County, and it’s a fantastic place to visit for anyone who loves history.

The entire area is a virtual museum of American architecture from the late 1770s through the 21st century. In fact, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark visited Fincastle, then on the edge of the Western frontier, before and after they were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase. As a result of the significant historical connection to Lewis & Clark, the Town of Fincastle has been nationally recognized and designated as a Lewis & Clark Community.

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Town of Troutville

In 1890, Norfolk and Western took over a bankrupt railroad and built a station in what is now the town of Troutville. The area is named after brothers John, Jim and George Trout. An important shipping center in the 1890s, Troutville today is the perfect representation of “small-town America.”

Featuring its own town park, the area is also a well-known stopping point for hikers along the Appalachian Trail and is a nationally designated Appalachian Trail Community.

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