In many ways, the Town of Troutville is the perfect representation of “small-town America.” Featuring its own town park, the area is also a well-known stopping point for hikers along the Appalachian Trail and is a nationally designated Appalachian Trail Community.

Family at Troutville Town Park

Troutville Town Park offers great recreation for families.

The town offers much for permanent residents and visitors alike. The town is home to small shops, a variety of local businesses, and annual events include the Party in the Park, a community-wide flea market, and a Fireman’s Carnival.

Troutville charms visitors with its friendly people and small town atmosphere. Residents enjoy modern utilities such as a public water supply and high-speed Internet. Roanoke, located just 15 minutes from Troutville, is home to major retailers and a full-service airport.

History of Troutville

A few hundred years ago, Native Americans and colonial settlers recognized the abundant game and water supplies native to the Troutville area. The Industrial 1800s brought railroads, canning and poultry. In 1890, Norfolk and Western took over a bankrupt railroad and built a station in what is now the town of Troutville. The area is named after brothers John, Jim and George Trout.

An important shipping center in the 1890s, Troutville was formally incorporated as a town in 1956. Over the decades, many historic figures such as George Washington, Merriweather Lewis, William Clark, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson traveled through what is now the Town of Troutville.

Things to Do in Troutville

  • Bird Watching at Woodpecker Ridge Nature Center – Woodpecker Ridge Nature Center offers birders and nature enthusiasts numerous opportunities for wildlife watching.
  • Cycling on the TransAmerican Trail (Route 76) – Cyclists traveling cross country are welcome to spend the night camping in the Troutville Town Park.
  • Playing or Relaxing in the Troutville Town Park – Whether it’s a picnic or a family reunion, a brisk walk around the quarter mile walking path, or just playing with he kids, Troutville Town Park is for you.