Appalachian Trail

What is the Appalachian Trail?

What is the Appalachian Trail?

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, generally known as the Appalachian Trail or simply the A.T., is a marked hiking trail in the eastern United States extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine.The trail is approximately 2,200 miles (3,500 km)long, though the precise length changes over time as parts are modified or rerouted. The trail passes through the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The path is maintained by 31 trail clubs and multiple partnerships, and managed by the National Park Service and the nonprofit Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The majority of the trail is in wilderness, although some portions traverse towns, roads and cross rivers.

Troutiville is a designated AT Community

Troutville is a designated AT Community

The Appalachian Trail is famous for its many hikers, some of whom, called thru-hikers, attempt to hike it in its entirety in a single season. Others have managed to perform a “round-trip” of the trail where they thru-hike from one end to the other and then turn around to thru-hike the trail the other way, otherwise known as a “yo-yo.” Many books, memoirs, web sites and fan organizations are dedicated to this pursuit.

Access points can be found throughout Botetourt County, though the two most accessible areas are in the Town of Troutville, a designated AT Community and in the area of Daleville. Each location has parking available to hikers.

For additional information about the trail, visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
For suggested hikes in the area, visit the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club.

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Location Information

4090 Lee Highway, Troutville, Virginia 24175