Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co.

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Co.

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Co.

What kind of story does your coffee tell? Is it one of hope and redemption? Or poverty and injustice? Brew a cup that tells a better story. Drink Coffee. Do Good. 

Our philosophy begins by providing a fair wage to our farmers. We see coffee as our highway of trade into community. From there, we have the opportunity to build relationships. Collaborative Trade champions the direct need of partner villages, building upon their God-given talent and equipping them to be better coffee growers. We believe forgiveness and reconciliation take root when people seize hope. When you buy our coffee you help families provide for themselves, you build homes for orphans, give care to widows, and most importantly, give hope to our coffee communities.

Our Daleville location the third location to open and first to open outside of Georgia. Serving house brews, specialty coffees, teas, sandwiches, wraps, soups and sweets. This store also sells local art and supports local farmers and business by incorporating their produce into the menu.
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Location Information

90 Town Center Street, Daleville, Virginia 24083 (540) 966-3233

Mon.-Fri. 7-9
Sat. 7:30-9
Sun. closed

Catering (Pick up)
To-go orders